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Clyde Process - Experts in Pneumatic Conveying for Bulk Materials Handling

Clyde Process is a leading provider of pneumatic conveying, pneumatic injection and valve solutions for a wide range of process industries.

Pneumatic conveying and pneumatic injection solutions utilise controlled streams of air to move granular or particle-based bulk materials through various stages of a production process at a controlled rate of flow. Clyde Process has developed a comprehensive range of conveying and injection systems over four decades that handle materials across industries such as steel, copper, cement, gypsum, food, chemicals and grain.

Intergral to all Clyde Process conveying systems is the Original Dome Valve® which is a very durable, effective and fast closing valve to control the flow of material that can operate upto 1 millions times without the need for any maintenance.

Our solutions help generate for our customers the following benefits:

  • High system availability, reliability and performance
  • Significant increases in productivity
  • Low operating costs and maintenance
  • Flexibility to integrate with existing plant footprint
  • Safer, cleaner operational environment

Clyde Process Ltd is a member of the Schenck Process Group and is the new name for Clyde Materials Handling Limited.

As part of the Schenck Process Group the company is able to offer more process solutions with an expanded product line, enhancing the ability to provide an even greater range of energy saving and environmental solutions for customers and clients worldwide.